Education is at the core of the mission of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.

Workshops provide a great opportunity to learn about and care for your timepiece. Through hands-on learning, these workshop classes build your confidence, knowledge, and skills in watch and clock repair and maintenance. The NAWCC offers workshops through various paths: at our education facility in Columbia, PA, throughout the country through our Watch and Clock Traveling Workshop Program, and online through recorded instruction.

We encourage you to be active in your membership through education. While learning is its own reward, it also provides great opportunities for building lasting friendships.

Below is the current schedule of courses, please continue to check back for updates as courses are added throughout the year.


Workshop TitleStartsEndsLocationWorkshopCode
American Wood Movement Clocks WS-5049/26/20189/27/2018Columbia, PAWS504B18
Black Forest Wood Movement Clocks WS-5059/28/20189/29/2018Columbia, PAWS505A18
Hairspring Adjustment WS-40110/22/201810/24/2018Columbia, PAWS401B18
Introduction To Clocks WS-10910/22/201810/26/2018Columbia, PAWS109F18
Understanding the Fundamentals of Clocks for Valuation10/23/201810/28/2018Columbia, PAWS800A18
Build A Clock: Intro To Machine Tools- WS-20410/29/201811/2/2018Columbia, PAWS204E18
Servicing a Pocket Watch for the Beginner I WS-11111/3/201811/4/2018Columbia, PAWS111D18
Bushings and Pivots WS-32111/5/201811/6/2018Columbia, PAWS321F18
Servicing a Pocket Watch for the Beginner II WS-20111/5/201811/7/2018Columbia, PAWS201D18
Basic Clock Repairs WS-32211/7/201811/8/2018Columbia, PAWS322C18
Clock Escapements WS-50011/9/201811/10/2018Columbia, PAWS500D18
Introduction To Clocks WS-10911/12/201811/16/2018Columbia, PAWS109G18
Independent Study WS-70011/18/201811/20/2018Columbia, PAWS700C18