Introduction To Techniques in Gilding, Finishing, and Veneer
Introduction To Techniques in Gilding, Finishing, and Veneer
This is a bundled package of the three online courses: gilding, finishing, and veneer. The instructor demonstrates the following techniques: water gilding, applying gesso, burnishing, patina techniques, oil gilding, nontraditional gilding, applying shellac, French polishing, and amalgamation. The instructor discusses the following: types of veneering, advantages of veneer, how to buy veneer, adhesives used in applying veneering. The instructor also demonstrates the following techniques: hammer veneer, veneer repairs, veneer bag veneering. These courses are an overview of the week long courses in gilding, finishing, and veneer offered by the NAWCC.

Students who take this online course and then register and attend any of the week long courses in finishing will be given a $25 discount off of the registration fee for each course they register and attend. Students must register for the week long course by phone at 717-684-8261 ext.237 in order to receive this discount. Please see the current schedule for current schedule for upcoming offerings or email

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