Early American Tower Clocks, Hardcover
Early American Tower Clocks, Hardcover
The NAWCC, along with assistance from Frederick Shelley's son Peter Shelley, and Donn Haven Lathrop, have produced a revision of Early American Tower Clocks. This revision incorporates Fred Shelley's 2002 "Early American Tower Clocks Revisited," which was a compilation of changes and additions to the original 1999 book.

In addition to "Revisited," five makers, or companies, have been added to this revision: Josiah Green, Jonas H. Phelps & Lewis E. Gurley, Hiram Todd Dewey, John Shapley, and Sven Bjorklund, Peter Blomberg, & Lars Soderquist. Many additions and changes have been made to existing entries, based on new information discovered in this third millennium.
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