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Picture of the productThe Classic Clock
The Infinity Instruments Classic table/ mantle clock has a wrought iron frame with a working pendulum. This Victorian styled time piece is an accent with an old-world charm. Measures: 22.5"H x 8"L x 2.4"D

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Discounted member price: 44.95

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Picture of the productViewmaster Clock
Recycled treasures with modern quartz clock mechanisms for a truly unique, artful wall or desk clock. Each is handmade from authentic vintage materials, no reproductions. Take back time with these memorable timepieces.

Regular price: 118.00
Discounted member price: 106.20

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Picture of the productEye of Time Nickel
Eye of the time clock in polished nickel finish. Clock has black dial in front, compass rose card on the back (that is easy to exchange for a picture of your choice!), and convex glass magnifiers on both sides.

Regular price: 46.95
Discounted member price: 42.25

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