ZOOM Chapter 55 Meeting-For Sale-Repair-Restoration

ZOOM Chapter 55 Meeting-For Sale-Repair-Restoration
Chapter 55 Meeting Announcement - Save the Date Sunday April 11th at 3pm

Event:  Zoom Meeting Open to Chapter 55 and Area Chapters. Chris Beattie Zoom Coordinator
Date:  Sunday April 11th at 3pm

This meeting is still being developed/finalized and additions to the program could be made in the very near future. The Zoom information for this meeting will be listed here when it is finalized.

If you have any special requests for programs or additions to our Zoom meetings, please email:
Russ Oechsle at russoechsle@gmail.com or Chris Beattie at beattie@hws.edu


Part One (5-20 min.): Wants, For Sale and Auction:  Wants, Items for Sale and any items for Auction must be submitted by members prior to the meeting so we can organize this session.  Individuals wanting to submit items should do so by emailing Frank Boyce at fboyce8803@aol.com.

Part Two (30-45 min.): Repair Workshop:  Amedeo Sylvester will present a workshop/program on common repairs for wooden works clocks.

Part Three (30 min.): Russ Oechsle will present on the restoration of an 1847 Meneely Tower Clock
4/11/2021 - 4/12/2021

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