ZOOM The Morbier Clock "The Model T of European Clocks"

ZOOM The Morbier Clock "The Model T of European Clocks"
Seattle Area Chapters ZOOM Meeting April 18, 2021

Gary Myers will present a program on the Morbier Clock  “The Model T of European Clocks”

To most Americans and the aristocrats of France, French clocks are all about the marble and crystal regulators, with Tiffany and Wanamaker inscribed dials. Outside of Paris and other major cities though, was a lesser known clock called the Morbier, a clock "of the people", "by the people" and "for the people".

Starting in 1685, when the Mayet brothers constructed a tower clock in the Capucine Convent in St. Claude, precision time started taking hold amongst the commoners. In 1700 the first Morbier clocks were hand crafted timepieces based on the Mayet design. In the late eighteenth century the clock was "sub-contracted" to local farmers and an assembly line like process was born that became the modern Morbier of the Comte` region. 

Gary Myers and several Chapter 50 members are carrying forward a legacy that Lawrence A. Seymour left to us and the NAWCC about these clocks. Much of the information comes from his research and the clocks he left to the membership.

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