Chime Clocks WS-503

Chime Clocks WS-503
This class an in depth look at chiming movements and issues related to them such as chime tunes and their sequences, chime and strike hammers; chime tubes, gongs, and bells; the auto correction feature for chime sequences; and the methods for controlling the chime function. Because the methods for controlling the chimes and the auto correction are seemingly endless, our main objective is to examine and discuss various methods used to activate and control the chime, the strike and the auto correction features. The safe handling of mainsprings will be covered along with the use of the mainspring winder. A brief discussion of weight drives is also an important in the study of chime clocks. We will also review rack and snail striking as it is most commonly used in chime clocks. The student should bring an older model chime clock or movement to examine; we have plenty of modern movements such as the Hermele and Urgos for use in class so please try and find something older (pre- WW2) to bring. Please contact the instructor with any questions.

Upon completing this course the student should be able to:

·         Repair and adjust the rack and snail strike works

·         Repair, and adjust a variety of chime movements for correct chiming

·         Synchronize and adjust the auto-correct function of chime movements

·         Properly lubricate the chime movement

·         Recognize several different chime tunes and correctly synchronize them

·         Repair and adjust the chime and strike hammers for the proper sound

Instructor: Al Dodson

Please contact Education at or (717) 684-8261 ext. 237 with any questions.

Workshop Fee:
NAWCC Member

$385 Early Bird (before 04/30/2018)
$445 Regular

Non Member

$425 Early Bird (before 04/30/2018)
$485 Regular

Lab Fee: $25.00 (is included in the price of the workshop).

5/30/2018 - 5/31/2018
NAWCC School of Horology 514 Poplar Street Columbia, PA 17512 UNITED STATES
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