Clock Escapements WS-500

Clock Escapements WS-500
The escapement is the heartbeat of the clock; its rhythmic and precise ticking control the power released from the clock train and uses that energy to keep the pendulum in motion. If the escapement is faulty, the clock will not run or will be an erratic timekeeper. The successful repairman must be able to identify and adjust many different types of escapements. Escapements are subject to wear and mishandling; the repairman must be able to repair these faults and restore the escapement to operation. Occasionally, the escapement is too worn to repair or missing; a competent clockmaker must be able to fabricate a proper replacement. We will demonstrate the fabrication of an escape wheel and discuss the construction of replacement pallets. Probably the most valuable tool for this fabrication is the ability to draft and print the escapement using a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) program. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to explore and learn as much as possible about CAD before attending this class. There are many such programs available (many of them free) by searching the internet.
Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:


  • Identify the parts and functions of an escapement
  • Identify various types of escapements
  • Draw the escapement
  • Adjust the recoil escapement
  • Adjust the dead beat escapement
  • Remove wear and polish pallets
  • Cut a replacement escape wheel
Instructor: Al Dodson

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9/6/2017 - 9/7/2017
NAWCC School of Horology
514 Poplar Street
Columbia, PA 17512 United States
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