WS-410 Staffing and Jeweling

WS-410 Staffing and Jeweling

Participant will learn how to:

  • Identify different types of staffs and balance wheels
  • Remove and install a staff
  • True and poise the balance wheel
  • Identify different types of jewels
  •  Properly select replacement jewel
  • Properly remove, replace, and adjust both friction and bezel set jewels

The participant must have prior experience with a jewelers lathe to be successful in this class.

Tools Student Required to Bring:

  • Selection of eye loupes 10x, 4x (required)
  • Jewelers screwdrivers (required)
  • Metric micrometer or digital caliper (required)
  • Parts tray w/ cover (required)
  • Pin vice to hold 1/8 square graver (required)
  • Hairspring collet lifting levers (required)
  • Collet closing vice (required)
  • Tweezers 8, 7, 5, or 3C (required)
  • Burnisher (required)
  • Brass Hammer (required)
  • Small smoothing broaches (required)
  • Dust blower (required)
  • Students may optionally bring their own pithwood, rodico, and pegwood


Instructor: Tony Paster

Please contact Education at or (717) 684-8261 ext. 237 with any questions.

Workshop Fee:

$545 Early Bird (before 5/26/2020)
$600 Regular

Non Member

$590 Early Bird (before 5/26/2020)
$655 Regular

Lab Fee: 
$50.00 (included in the price of the workshop)

6/26/2020 8:00 AM - 6/28/2020 4:00 PM
NAWCC School of Horology 514 Poplar Street Columbia, PA 17512 UNITED STATES

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