Evaluating Time: Pocket Watch and Wristwatches (TM)

Evaluating Time: Pocket Watch and Wristwatches (TM)

Evaluating Time: Researching, Identifying, and Valuing Wrist and Pocket Watches (TM) 

This course gives an overview of the evolution of watch types and appropriate terminology and criteria for making value judgments based on comparative analysis. Participants will learn the correct methods to identify watch types, key components, and characteristics and to evaluate authenticity, originality, condition, quality, and desirability. Participants will learn proper examination techniques, what to photograph, and research tools and methods as well as how to apply critical appraisal skills, such as qualitative ranking, classification, rarity determination, and how to write accurate descriptions.

Course Overview
Length: 3 day course

Day 1: Researching a Timepiece
Lecture 9am-5pm
Day 1 test 5:30pm

1. Introduction
2. Appraising Guidelines
3. Grading Watches
4. Glossary of Terms
5. Complications Explained
6. Chronology of Watches
7. Opening and Inspecting a Watch Case
8. Watch Anatomy & Correct Terminology
9. The Five Basic Components of a Timepiece Explained i.e. “What Makes It Tick”
10. Summary Day 1 – Important Aspects To Take Note Of
11. Reference Material
12. Essential & Useful Tools
13. 1 hour Test 
Day 2: Identifying the Manufacturer and Dating Timepieces
Lecture from 9am-5pm 
NAWCC Library Tour 5:15 pm
Social Hour with Behind the scenes National Watch & Clock Museum tour 6-7pm 

1. Review of day 1 based on previous evening’s test results
2. Questions from previous day or last evening’s research
3. Identifying Genuine versus Fake versus Marriage
4. Homage, Franken, Marriage pieces.
5. Re-Worked dials and “Re-Dial” test
6. Identifying movement manufacturers
7. Dating time pieces – (serial numbering, assay marks & hallmarking, movement styles, import codes, tariff acts and responsibility marks)
8. Sign of Forgery or Fake
9. Searching and understanding Patents
10. Correctly Handling Timepieces
11. 10 Points to understanding vintage pocket watch values
12. What adds value, what decreases value?
13. Where to research similar pieces and their values.

Day 3: Photographing and writing the “Appraisal”

Lecture from 8:30am-2:30pm
Testing begins at  2:30pm

1. Photographing a timepiece – (both at office and in the field)
2. Antiquorum Grading System
3. What constitutes an “Appraisal Form” – Summary
4. Hands on Test – 3 hours


Instructor: Adam Harris

Registration Fee:

$900 NAWCC members (early bird period only)
$1000 early bird Non Members (before 8/16/2017)
$1250 regular registration (registration after 8/16/2017)

*Discounts available if sending two or more employees from the same business or if registering for  Luxury or Lie? (TM) course. Please call 717-684-8261 ext. 208 for discount information.
For questions on this course, please email gradel@nawcc.org.


9/16/2017 9:00 AM - 9/18/2017 5:00 PM
514 Poplar St. Columbia, PA UNITED STATES

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