Webinar: Intro To Luxury or Lie?

Webinar: Intro To Luxury or Lie?

This two hour webinar presents an introduction to the full three day course: Luxury or Lie? How to Identify Genuine Watches (TM) The webinar will cover  "watch terminology", "complications", "rework dials", "homage versus Franken, versus reworked", as well as an introduction to identifying the "genuine from the fake". This webinar will cover all the important aspects in initially determining the authenticity of a wristwatch, and give basic guidance in appraising re-worked pieces.

Learning Outcomes

Upon webinar completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of wristwatches and their complications;
  • Recognize the perfect from the reworked;
  • Explain, any concerns seen with the validity of the timepiece;
  • Identify reworked dials from original and marriage or Franken; and
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of Identifying the Genuine from the Fake.

Webinar Audience

Appraisers, jewelers, pawn shops, resellers of watches, individuals purchasing, and lastly handling or evaluating luxury wristwatches.

This webinar will be given live only. Those who attend this webinar and then register for the full three day course of Luxury or Lie will be given a credit of $100.00 off of the course fee. After you register for this course, you will be given an access link to view the webinar on the date and time given. This link will be unique to your email. Be sure to review the system requirements for accessing the webinar.

Webinar Presenter

The presenter for this webinar is Luxury or Lie? Instructor and course developer Adam Harris

Webinar Fee

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9/15/2016 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Live Webinar At 1:00PM Eastern Time Online, Webinar UNITED STATES

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