Bushings, Pivots, and Other Common Repair Problems WS-320

Bushings, Pivots, and Other Common Repair Problems WS-320
In this class we will learn to restore pivots and bearings by several different methods. The bushing machine is only one of many ways to bush a clock and is often unsuited to the task. Using a bushing machine also requires a skilled and knowledgeable operator achieve proper results. In addition to using the bushing machine, we will learn to bush clock plates using several other methods. Just as with bushings, there are several ways to restore and polish pivots. We will explore various methods and learn the difference between a properly polished pivot and one that is merely shinny. We also will learn to replace broken of severely worn pivots. You will need to bring a movement to work with in this class. Most movements will be suitable but one from a typical American time and strike clock is preferable. You will need to disassemble and clean this movement before coming to class. The only tool you will need to provide is a loupe or other magnifier.

Upon completing the course the student should be able to:
•    Select the proper bushing for a worn pivot hole
•    Bush a clock using the bushing Machine
•    Bush a clock using the milling machine
•    Bush a clock using custom made reamers and a drill press
•    Repivot an arbor with a broken pivot
•    Repair worn pivots to prepare them for polishing
•    Polish pivots using abrasives
•    Polish pivots using a burnisher

Prerequisites - WS-204 Introduction to Machine Tools and Materials or Consent of the Instructor.

Instructor: Al Dodson

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790 Regular

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$835 Regular

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5/22/2017 - 5/26/2017
NAWCC School of Horology 514 Poplar Street Columbia, PA 17512 UNITED STATES
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