WS-230 Servicing a Swiss Wristwatch

WS-230 Servicing a Swiss Wristwatch
This workshop is the first step in servicing a Swiss wristwatch. This course is ideal for professional candidates that have a basic foundation of wrist watches. In addition, to the watch professionals that want to further their skills; this course will benefit the hobbyist, who is interested in going to the next level.

Each participant will increase their knowledge on: 
  • Understanding how to properly service wristwatch
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Making adjustments to Swiss wristwatches

Servicing a Wrist Watch I course objectives are as follows:

  • Cleaning and oiling;
  • Identifying worn and broken parts;
  • Verifying proper end shakes;
  • Identifying escapement issues;
  • Diagnosing hairspring and balance wheel problems
  • Making timing adjustments 

This workshop will also give the participant a better understanding on the challenges with a wrist watch prior to purchase. Each participant is required to supply their own Swiss wrist watch in running condition.

Required Tools:

  • Selection of eye loupes 10x, 4x
  • Jewelers screwdrivers
  • Movement holder (wrist watch size)
  • Brass or bronze tweezers
  • Tweezers (#3 or #3C, #5)
  • Dust blower
  • Hand lifting levers
  • Dial protector
  • Canon pinion puller
  • Barrel arbor holder
  • Barrel closer
  • Watchmakers paper
  • Oil cups
  • Oilers
  • Mainspring winders (wrist watch size)
  • Finger cotes or gloves
  • Case cushion
  • Hand setter
  • Peg wood
  • Pith wood
  • Radico

Instructor: Tony Paster

Workshop Fee:
NAWCC Member

$545 Early Bird (before 4/15/20)
$600 Regular

Non Member

$590 Early Bird (before 4/15/20)
$655 Regular

Lab Fee: $40.00 (included in the price of the workshop)

5/15/2020 - 5/17/2020
NAWCC School of Horology 514 Poplar Street Columbia, PA 17512

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