Using a Jewelers Lathe I WS-135

Using a Jewelers Lathe I WS-135
Participant will become familiar with the jewelers lathe, its components and how basic cutting tools are used to cut and shape metal.

Basic cutting of metal will be practiced and the following areas will be covered:

  • Types of jewelers lathes. 
  • Different parts of the jewelers lathe.
  • Lathe safety.
  • Types of cutting tools used on the lathe.
  • Preparing, shaping and sharpening your cutting tools.
  • Basic cutting and parts making on the jewelers lathe.

Tools Needed: 

  • Selection of eye loupes- 10x, 4x (required)
  • Pin vice to hold 1/8 square graver (required)
  • Arkansas bench stone (required)
  • Tweezers 3 or 3C (required)
  • Needle/Escapement files (optional)
  • Sapphire file or burnisher (optional)
  • Dust blower (optional)
  • Pithwood (optional)
Rodico (optional)

Tony Paster

Please contact Education at or (717) 684-8261 ext. 237 with any questions.

Workshop Fee:
NAWCC Member

$610 Early Bird (before 06/09/2018)
$665 Regular

Non Member
$655 Early Bird (before 06/09/2018)
$720 Regular

Lab Fee: $65.00 (included in the price of the workshop)

7/9/2018 - 7/11/2018
NAWCC School of Horology 514 Poplar Street Columbia, PA 17512 UNITED STATES
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