Rockford Watches: It's Products And Ephemera

Rockford Watches: It's Products And Ephemera
The Rockford Watch Company provided the railroad industry and public with quality watches for almost 40 years. Darrah Artzner will present their models for all sizes produced with brief descriptions and noting major differences. Various cases and dials found with these movements are shown. Cases from the little known Rockford Watch Case Company are discussed with examples. And, like their competitors, ephemera from the Rockford Watch Company provided plenty of support for their products in retail shops and news media, and when notify existing and potential customers of new products. Examples of these ephemera are presented along with comments about their purpose and knowledge gained from their study.

About the Presenter: Darrah Artzner's education and career has been devoted primarily to research and detailed work for the oil industry and US Government. He began working on clocks in the ‘80s even though interest in them extended back to his teenage years.   His appreciation of details, research and hands on restoration led him right to antique and vintage watches. The Rockford Watch Company and its watches became a key focus after working on several and realizing that only minor amounts of published information existed about this fine company. The paucity of company information and confusion regarding their history and products is what peaked his interest in searching for more facts about them. He enjoys working on anything that ticks but do favor Rockford watches and any others by U.S. companies that have good potential for restoration. Darrah enjoys sharing his knowledge of watches with others and is lucky enough to do that through his Chapter’s (139) monthly Tech Sessions and other watch related media such as those sponsored by the NAWCC.

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3/20/2016 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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