A Review of English Skeleton Clocks

A Review of English Skeleton Clocks

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About the Presenter: Bob Schmitt was recruited by Ford Motor Co at UCLA in early 1968 and his first assignment was in Dearborn, MI.  His supervisor, Gordon Rice collected antiques, and took him along to Schmidt's Antiques in Ypsilanti.  There Bob acquired his first antique clock.   Later transferred to Los Angeles, Bob met Charles Hackett of Charles and Charles Antiques, and Larry Morgan of Costa Mesa, Ca.  He acquired many clocks from both dealers, and Mr. Morgan gave him a great deal of encouragement.
In 1980, Bob left Ford and opened a shop in Big Bear, CA.   In 1983 he traded that property to an Englishman and moved to Nottingham, England.   He continued to buy, sell and collect clocks, as well as sell consignments at auction.  In 1985 he moved to New Hampshire, since there was no sales tax [tax often discouraged collectors] and there seemed to be an abundance of old clocks.  Having dealt informally to that time, he established the firm R. O. Schmitt Fine Arts, which continues to this day, under the leadership of Daniel Horan.

Bob now lives and collects in Arizona, and assists with the auctions in NH.


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1/24/2016 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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