Questions You Should Ask Before Buying That Wristwatch

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying That Wristwatch
National Watch and Clock Museum Guest Wristwatch Curator Adam Harris returns with a wristwatch webinar that will explain: • Different types of complications • Mechanical versus self-winding versus quartz • Shapes, styles, and bracelet types • Advantages and disadvantages of buying a "vintage" watch • Buying modern "second-hand" watches • Important questions to ask the seller or authorized dealer

About the Presenter: Adam Harris was born in Glasgow, Scotland, lived in England, and retired to Spain. He has been guest wristwatch curator at the National Watch and Clock Museum from 2012 to 2015. He spent the past 20 years before retiring from electronic engineering as vice president of Fujitsu Europe. Since retiring, he studied horology under Cinette Robert, ex-owner of Dubey and Schaldenbrand, and Marcus Hardy of Vintage Jewelry, and was an appraiser in Gold Rush, a pawn shop.

Harris says that “Owning a great watch is fantastic; understanding where it sits in horology is magnificent.” He has more than 200 vintage watches in his collection. His areas of interests include:  
Early Rolex 1910-1950
First early automatics 1923-1940
Beginning of the wristwatch (so-called trench watches) 1900-1920
Early hermetic or sealed watches 1910-1930
American wristwatches

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4/10/2016 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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