Bushing and Depthing on the Milling Machine

Bushing and Depthing on the Milling Machine
This course will cover the installation of bushings and depthing for both clock and watches on a milling machine. This course uses a Sherline milling machine when demonstrating the techniques described below.

This course will present an overview of the following:

  • Discussion of bushings
  • Using a bushing machine vs. a milling machine
  • Tools required to bush with a milling machine

    Bushing on the Mill
  • Three methods of locating the pivot hole
  • Reaming for a bushing
  • Inserting a bushing in the movement plate
  • Reaming the pivot hold to the proper size
  • Chamfering and cutting oil sinks in a bushings

    Precision Bushing on the Mill
  • Bushing at the edge of a movement plate
  • Bushing a watch movement plate

    Depthing on the Mill
  • Movement setup
  • Tools required
  • Rebushing improperly place bushings

    Turning and Boring on the Mill
  • How to set up the mill as a lathe
  • Turning bushings
  • Boring spring barrels
  • Bushing barrels

    Grinding Verges on the Mill

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