Time & Strike Clocks with Spring Barrels

Time & Strike Clocks with Spring Barrels
This course will cover time and strike clocks with two spring barrels and rack/snail strike mechanism. The workshop contains the hands-on procedures necessary to successfully repair any problems a student may encounter with a two spring barrel clock. Different rack & snail designs will be studied, repaired, and adjusted to help the student gain confidence with this type of strike train. The student may bring a second movement for repair that is a time and strike barrel clock with count wheel to repair after the rack/snail movement has been completed. Clocks manufactured in America, England, Germany, and France provides excellent repair specimens for the students, except Hermle, Urgos & Kininger movements should not be used because the manufacturer does not always recommend they be repaired. Clocks must have pendulums; floating balance type escapements are not permitted.  Prerequisite: F101

NAWCC Member Price: $300
Nonmember Price: $350

A material fee of up to $40 to be collected in class.

If you do not meet the prerequisite requirement contact the instructor for a possible waiver. 

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For questions about registering for the class, contact NAWCC Education Coordinator, 717.684.8261, ext. 237 or education@nawcc.org

If you have questions contact Pete Cronos at wctwprogram@gmail.com.

Please do not make any firm travel reservations until it is confirmed if the class will go as scheduled.

9/19/2019 - 9/22/2019

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