The Appreciation & Authentication Of Civil War Timepieces
The Appreciation & Authentication Of Civil War Timepieces
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Clint B. Geller examines the intersection of the American Civil War and American watch-making in this horological/historical study.

Beginning with a definition of a “Civil War watch”, Geller looks at the perception of time during the Civil War, how timepieces impacted military tactics, and advancements in American watch-making.

The middle section of the book discusses Civil War watch technology, including movements, dials and hands, watchcases, and numerous other features. Geller offers advice for authenticating the provenance of Civil War timepieces and assessing their desirability.

The final section of the book showcases some outstanding Civil War watches, detailing the lives of the men who carried them, as well as their units and the battles in which they fought.

With 162 images, including many original photos of Civil War timepieces, along with tables and references, this book makes an excellent addition to the collection of any horologist or Civil War enthusiast.

ISBN: 978-1-944018-06-1

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