Book 8 Ingraham, New Haven & Sessions
Book 8 Ingraham, New Haven & Sessions
Book 8 Ingraham, New Haven & Sessions covers clock movement repairs to the products of three more U.S. manufacturers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a companion volume to Books 6 and 7, the material in Book 8 is based on American clock coverage from the editor's Clockmakers Newsletter, a monthly clock repair publication produced from 1987-2008.

Chapter 1 Ingraham features the editor's favorite American brand. The movements were often fitted with the half-deadbeat strip pallet escapement featured in the chapter. Another article traces the changes made to the Ingraham movement from the 1880's through the 1920's. Other features describe repairs to the main wheel assembly and other parts.

Chapter 2 New Haven covers a variety of movements, including a round strike movement, a round chime movement, and a heavy wall timepiece. There is also coverage of the Willcock Patent chime mechanism manufactured and sold by the company.

Chapter 3 Sessions details the output of this maker between 1902 and the end of its pendulum clock production, during World War II. The common Sessions mantel clock movement is covered, in addition to a two-train chime movement designed in the 1930's.

Chapter 4 Other American Makers presents the Newsletter articles on clocks by E.N. Welch, Welch, Spring & Co., several OG clock manufacturers, and the makers of calendar mechanisms.

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