Time in Office: Presidential Timepieces
Time in Office: Presidential Timepieces
The National Watch & Clock Museum exhibited over 30 horological objects associated with 21 U.S. presidents during the 2008 exhibit season.

The pieces represented everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Among the objects were many surprises, and the Museum provided a great deal of information to the donor institutions about their presidential timepieces.

Gathering the objects took several months and required staff to travel all over the United States to pick up and return many of the objects. Compiling the exhibit enabled us to partner with a variety of local and national organizations. One of the most helpful organizations was the American Political Items Collectors, whose members provided political memorabilia to be exhibited alongside the exhibit items.

Many of the objects on display had never been outside the walls of their home institutions, and some had rarely, if ever, been seen by the public. Bringing these objects together for one exhibit was a once in a lifetime event, and the National Watch & Clock Museum is grateful for the opportunity to serve as host.

This booklet is designed to serve as a record of the timepieces in the Time in Office exhibit.

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