American Watchmaking
American Watchmaking
The history of American watchmaking is a microcosm of the history of American manufacturing. It is at its heart a story of the factory system producing interchangeable parts on automatic machinery. More broadly its rise and fall mirror that of the factory system as a whole.

By embracing that system watch companies were able to create affordable watches for the newly established middle class and create good jobs for millions of men and women across the country. Because of competition within the industry watchmaking underwent numerous innovations including railroad standards, dollar watches, and the rise of the wristwatch.

Michael Harrold's "primer of watch history" brings together the previously scattered and fragmented history of the American watchmaking industry. By incorporating the histories of companies and innovations in watch design, Harrold provides a comprehensive background for the rise and fall of American watchmaking, illustrated by photographs, charts, tables, graphs, and schematics. Included are appendices with a list and timeline of American watch companies and a serial number chart. This is a scanned reprint of the original printing.

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