Sacramento Valley Chapter 71, chartered in 1971,
is an active NAWCC chapter which has grown to 
about 85 members serving the Sacramento 
Valley area of Northern California. 

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Regular Meeting Schedule: 
  Fourth Sunday of January, March, May, July, September and November
Meetings are held in Sacramento at
The Shepard Garden and Arts Center
In McKinley Park – 33rd Street & Park Street

Please check with either
Vincent Angell (1-916-952-4961) or Robert Peischl (1-916-991-4301)
for possible change of date for a meeting that you would like to attend.

Click here for some photos from the July 2017 Meeting!
And here are some photos from the September Meeting! 
Here are pictures of the Chapter 71 Meeting/Potluck in January 2018!

Enjoy the pictures and email me with you comments if you wish. It was a great meeting with Chapter 65.  Maybe we'll do it again

All members and friends,

This is only a small portion of The West Coast Clock & Watch Museum in Vista, CA. 
They appear to be "growing out" of the space because of recent acquisitions of clocks.
Chapter 180 Museum in Vista 2017

Click on the following link.  THEN click on the first picture to enlarge it and the rest will be enlarged.

Here are a few pictures of the Regional in Southern California at Del Mar Raceway....
It was a good event.  Some great buys and good sales....
I would estimate that 40% of the tables were watch related and the rest were clocks.