Purpose: To promote an interest in all forms of Torsion Pendulum Clocks, including collecting, restoration, and preservation; and to encourage research and study to develop and preserve all historical information and knowledge of these unique clocks for the benefit of our members and the general public.


      The International 400-Day Clock Chapter #168 was founded in 1995 to provide a forum for persons to meet and communicate with all who may have an interest in any kind of Torsion Pendulum Clocks. Whether it may be early Crane or Terry, 400-Day, Atmos, Tiffany Never-Wind, French Statue or Lighthouse, or any other torsion pendulum clock this is “the” place to find information about these unique timepieces. Due to its non-geographic nature, we have three means to ensure the cohesiveness of the chapter and that our purpose will be fulfilled:

  • THE TORSION TIMES”, our periodical Journal that contains info on repair, collecting, history, dating, and other items of interest on all types of torsion clocks. 

  • Chapter meetings scheduled at various Regionals (when facilities and interest justifies), annually at the NAWCC National Convention, and locally where interest is sufficient for a group of members to get together.

  • This website, where members can find information about the chapter and its activities, and participate in the development of information about these unique clocks.

      Any NAWCC member worldwide in good standing is eligible for membership, in a truly International group with active members in nine countries. The fiscal year begins January 1. A member joining at any time after January 1 will receive all publications issued that year, with membership expiring at the end of December. There are no provisions for less than full-year memberships, and membership in the chapter is separate from NAWCC dues. Annual renewals will be billed separately. We also offer family memberships and prepaid 5-year memberships, as shown on our Application Form.