Last May 12th Meeting 

Over 25 members and guests gathered at the Skyland Fire Department for the May 2018 bi-monthly meeting of Chapter #126.

The meeting featured coffee and donuts, the new “Flea Market Table at the Mart for Other Collectibles and Items of Interest” .


Presentation:  In The Air Around You - Radio History and Amateur Radio in Western North Carolina... by David Day, N1DAY/WI2XUF

Radio has played a part in precise time keeping and both have been significant in navigation. 

The presentation began with an overview of research completed in the late 1800's that led to the development of both commercial and amateur radio
Individuals who were instrumental in the development of radio were discussed along with events that led to Radio as we know it today.
The process of how one becomes an amateur radio operator and resources that support a vibrant amateur radio community in Western North Carolina presented and several chapter members have radio licenses.

Biography: David Day is the current president of the Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club and resides in Flat Rock, NC.  In addition to his involvement with typical amateur radio activities, he has conducted and published original research on atmospheric conditions that impact medium frequency trans-continental communications.  During the past few years, he has focused his activity on the development of an experimental low frequency radio station located in Flat Rock, NC

The next Meeting will be July 14, 2018   Annual Picnic & Auction at Jackson Park Hendersonville


2018 Officers:

  President – Wayne Arcuri,

  Vice President – Dan McBride,

  Treasurer – David Moline,

   Secretary – Ed Kara,


Upcoming Meetings:

July 14, 2018    Annual Picnic Jackson Park Hendersonville

September 8, 2018           

November 10, 2018        

Meeting March 10, 2018

The Education Workshop  was the disassembly and assembly of a Marine Chronometer by John Huber.  John did a great job.
Taking thing apart is usually the easy part for many of us, but assembly - not so much.
However, John calmly walked us through the process and at the end the chronometer was running with no extra parts.

Featured Program - Marine Chronometers John Huber A historical review of the history of Marine Chronometers. 
Covering early contributions by da Vinci, Hook, Harrison and others. 
during World War II when the Hamilton Watch Company perfected the process of mass production.
This enabled it to produce thousands of its
Hamilton Model 21 and 22 chronometers for the U.S.  Army and Navy and other allied Navies


David Day Radio Presentation May Meeting

Meeting March 10, 2018

John Huber Demonstrating assembly and disassembly of Marine Chronometer

Dewey Johnson along with his wife Jan and other volunteers make sure the Chapter has coffee and donuts at every meeting.
We appreciate these folks.

Rick Strickland did an excellent workshop in January  on setting up barrels in modern watches