The Clock & Watch Association of British Columbia

Chapter 121 of the National Association of Watch And Clock Collectors (NAWCC) had its beginning in 1981 when a group of horology enthusiasts , who were members of the NAWCC and living in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, joined together to establish interest in applying for a Charter to become a Chapter in the NAWCC. As a result of this meeting, the required number of signatures were obtained and submitted for approval, and Chapter 121 (British Columbia) became an official Chapter of the NAWCC in June 1981. Our Chapter now maintains a membership of approximately seventy members who for the most part reside in close proximity to the City of Vancouver.

      The aims of Chapter 121 are to introduce and educate the general public in the science of horology as well as to meet and exchange ideas and horological items with other collectors.

      The City of Vancouver, British Columbia is located approximately forty miles north of the Washington State border, and on the Pacific Ocean to the West. Boasting a metro population of approximately one and one half million people, Vancouver enjoys a temperate climate, with warm temperatures in the summer months and lots of rain and very little snow in the winter. Serviced by air, sea and land, Vancouver has become a popular tourist destination for visitors from the world over.

      Chapter 121 meetings are held at Heritage Hall, Main Street, Vancouver. The building was constructed in 1915 as a post office, and has since been used for several other organizations and groups. Chapter 121 members look after the last remaining hand wound mechanical tower clock located in Vancouver in this building, and in return receive meeting space once a month or as needed. The clock itself was manufactured by the J.B. Joyce & Co. Ltd. of Whitechurch, Shropshire, England around 1915. Chapter 121 members recently replaced the glass on all four sides of the clock as well as replacing the weight cables that had been in service since the clock was new.


Clocks Canada - Clocks Canada is a collection of Torsion Suspension Clocks (also known as 400 Day Clocks and Anniversary Clocks) and Canadian made clocks and watches.

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