Chapter 107 History

The Diablo Valley Chapter, 107, was chartered in 1978 and again in 2009.

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The 1978 and 2009 charters and a list of charter members
          List of officers - past and present
          Back issues of the "Bulletin" which is published prior to each meeting (full issues in pdf format) 
          Library catalog, books, videos, and tools, available for the use of chapter members
          Selected presentations that were not video recorded can be viewed in pdf format
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          Since 2014 presentations at meetings have been video recorded. The recordings are available in the video library.

Past Meetings

August Meetings: Picnic and White Elephant Sale (proceeds go to the Chapter).

December Meetings: Holiday Luncheon and Auction (proceeds go to the seller).


                      February: Jerry Konicek - Repairing Wooden Cases (video available in chapter library)
                      April: David Walter - Precision Pendulum Timekeeping (video available in chapter library)
                      June: Mike Dobry - W. D. Clement and his lathes (video available in the chapter library)
                      October: Niles Kynett - Early English Verge Watches (video available in the chapter library)
                      Movie Night: September 13 - "The Watchmaker's Apprentice". Heather Farm Club House


February: Bob Simon – Clocks and Watches from the British Museum and Other Museums (in video library)
April: Price Russ – W. H. Shortt and His Free Pendulum Clock (in video library)
June: David Weisbart – Music in Clocks and Clocks in Music (in video library)
October: John Koepke – Time Service and the Clocks of the Lick Observatory (in video library)


February: Video on the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum and discussion of its possible relocation
April: Bob Simon - Railroad Operation's Other Clocks (in video library)
June: Gene Corriden -Tower Clocks (in video library)
October: Julia Geist (Docent, Museum of Fine Arts) - Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watch Making
November: Tour of Breguet exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco


February: John Koepke - Horological Tools (in video library and on web site in pdf format)
April: Vault Bob Simon - Timer Locks (in video library)
June: Vince Angell-Alarm Clocks (in video library)
October: Julia Mueller - Character Watches (in video library)


February: Alan Bloore - Synchronized School Clocks
April: Bob Simon - Unusual Master Clocks
June: John Koepke - Walnut Parlor Clocks of the 1870s (on web site in pdf format)
October: Jim Haubert - Enhancing Your Own Creativity and Applying It to Tool and Clock Making (on web site in pdf format)


February: Two Free Tall Case Clocks by Dorian Clair. (on web site in pdf format)
April: Don DeMarcus - Junghans Swingers and Repairing Pot Metal Statues
June: Ron Bechler - Introduction to Watch Timing
October: Jim Herold - Carriage Clocks


February: CSI*: Walnut Creek by Lois Naye and Price Russ (*Clock Story Investigation). (on web site in pdf format)
April: Bob Wahrer - Clocks in the Forbidden City (on web site in pdf format)
June: Rick Hubble - Gearing Up for a Challenge: The Story of Making a Gear Cutter from a Box of Old Parts (on web site in pdf format)
October: Show and Tell by the membership. (on web site in pdf format)


February: Price Russ - Early Concepts in Timekeeping: Time without Gears (on web site in pdf format)
April: Willard House and Clock Museum (video)
June: Chip Kumparak - Cleaning and Reconditioning Clock Case Finishes Using Spruce-It-Up
October: Jay Taylor - Swiss Family Taylor: Alameda to Villeret and Back