Next Meeting July 8, 2017

Annual Picnic & Auction   BBQ from Original Moe’s

Details to Follow


All Members of NAWCC and Guests are Welcome to Attend

Location:        Skyland Fire Department, 9 Miller Road, Asheville, NC 28776


Directions: Up the hill on right at the Hendersonville Road – Long Shoals Road intersection. About 2 miles east of I26 exit 37.
The meeting room on the 2nd floor can be accessed using either the elevator or stairways.


Chapter Membership:     We offer an all-inclusive membership (e.g., meetings, chapter membership, picnic, email newsletter)
 for $25; otherwise $5 individual and $8 family


Officers:    President – Mike Rosenberg,

Vice President – Georg Pilz,

                   Treasurer – David Moline,

Secretary - (open position, self-nominations encouraged)



Upcoming Meeting Speakers and Events:

08 July 2017                      Annual Picnic and Auction

09 September 2017           John Orolin, “English Clocks”

11 November 2017           Cody McKenzie, “Chime Tubes, Rods, and Bells”

13 January 2018                Georg Pilz, “Morbier Clocks”

10 March 2018                  Jim Parsons, “Restoration of a Chance Jerome Fusee Clock”

PHOTOS - Dan McBrides Excellent Presentation on Railroad Pocket Watches


The guest speaker was Dan McBride who spoke about Railroad Watches and Railroad Time.  An emphasis was placed on standardized high quality movements and time measurement to implement standard railroad time. These watches typically featured 17 or more jewels, temperature compensation & isochronism, lever set, open face, winding stem at 12 o’clock, and block Arabic numbers with every minute delineated. A proposal has been put forth by the chapter to refurbish a 1902 E. Howard tower clock in the area. In the past, these projects have been worthwhile in helping to restore historic time pieces, strengthen the chapter through group work opportunities for volunteers, and help to bring funds into the chapter. The chapter meets the second Saturday during odd months and invites all visitors to join us.